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I'm Very Online

Two people from the most extreme parts of opposite ends of the Internet (which are, to be clear, not morally equivalent) meet irl. And become best friends. And work at a bookstore. Which is dying. But neither knows about the other's Internet life. And things get weird. And people get hurt. And lives get destroyed. And books get sold.

I'm Very Online was presented on Sunday July 29, 2018, at the BAM Attic in Brooklyn, as part of The Dirty Blondes' Beta Reading Series.

I'm Very Online was a semifinalist for the first annual Neukom Institute Literary Arts Award For Playwriting. This award was administered by the Neukom Institute for Computational Science at Dartmouth College; it asked for play submissions that responded to the prompt “What does it mean to be human in a computerized world?”

The first draft of I'm Very Online received a public reading as part of the Dramatists Guild's Friday Night Footlights series in November 2017.

For the Lulz

A politically-motivated black hat hacker named poof begins attacking social networks. Fay, a stalwart tech journalist, Gale, a professor and embezzler, and MrJ, a patriotic grey hat hacker, decide to take him down for fame, for revenge, and for the lulz.

Third Production

Directed by Ben Ferber
Produced by Williamstown Theatre Festival in their Directing Studio
August 2015

More info here.

Shown: Lizzie Fox, Joe Huffman, Chris Stahl, Madison Welterlen
Photos by Paul Fox

Second Production

Directed by Todd Brian Backus
Produced by PowerOut in Portland Stage Company’s Studio Rep
February 2013

More info here.

Shown: Caroline O'Connor, Shannon Stockwell, Eric Darrow Worthley, Ella Wrenn
Photos by Todd Brian Backus

"For the Lulz’s fast-paced dialogue abounds in the clipped syntax of Twitter, technical explanations (DDoS, ‘phreaking’), and the wild-west obscenities of the blogosphere (‘Nice tits, cuntmuffin!’). It’s exhausting, but it does nicely express the thrills of online anonymity and alliances, as do its capable actors, who are energetic and quirkily comic." -The Portland Phoenix

Selected for Portland Stage Company’s inaugural Studio Rep series. Nominated for the 2013 PEER Award for New Frontiers.

First Production

Directed by Shannon Stockwell
Produced by PowerOut at Portland Stage Company’s Studio Theater
April 2012
More info here.

Shown: Elizabeth Chasse, Sam Rapaport, Emily White
Photos by Shannon Stockwell

Let's Play Play

Three popular YouTubers start a let’s play channel, where they record themselves playing video games. Questionable journalistic ethics, the prospects of selling out, and Gamergate begin to dissolve their relationships.

Second Production

Directed by Todd Brian Backus  
Produced by PowerOut at the Brick Theater’s GamePlay Festival  
August 2015

More info here.

Shown: Brittany Allen, Zachary Clarence, Emeka Nwafor
Photos by Todd Brian Backus

First Production

Directed by Todd Brian Backus
Produced by PowerOut in Frigid New York at Under Saint Mark’s
February 2015

More info here.

Shown: Brittany Allen, Jonathan Iglesias, Paul Karle
Photos by Todd Brian Backus

“Easily the most interesting production of this year’s [GamePlay Festival]” -Matt Hawkins, Attract Mode

“A production that skillfully weaves together in-person, online, and text interaction.” -Dr. Leah Richards and Dr. John Zeigler, Culture Catch

"Let's Play Play deals nicely with this IRL/URL tug-of-war, something to think about the next time you try to have an opinion on the internet." -Liz Richards, Indie Theater Now

Was one of the two most popular shows at Under Saint Mark’s; won the Sellout Award.

Aliterary Reading

A two-character Mary-Sue rumination on the literary value of fanfiction, starring the author, and featuring readings from fanfics by famous, infamous, and canonical authors.

Directed by Blaze Ferrer
Presented by The Shed Space
November 2014

More info here.

Shown: Ben Ferber, Kasey Huizinga
Graphic by Ben Ferber, Photo by Blaze Ferrer

Hidden Tennessee

On this production I was a co-dramaturg/co-writer. I worked closely with co-dramaturg Ella Wrenn and director Sally Wood to write the interstitial material, based on Williams’s life, which made up about a third of the production.

Directed by Sally Wood, co-dramaturgs/co-writers Ben Ferber and Ella Wrenn
Based on the life and work of playwright Tennessee Williams, and including his short plays
This Property Is Condemned, Steps Must Be Gentle, The Long Stay Cut Short or The Unsatisfactory Supper, and a story theater adaptation of his short story “The Field of Blue Children”
Produced by Portland Stage Company
March 2012

More info here.

Shown: Maureen Butler, Sarah Lord, Courtney Moors, Justin Adams

“The entire production is beautifully weaved together as each cast member embodies the symbolic tweed coat and drink of Williams, celebrating his past, present and what would become his future.” -Michael Tobin, BroadwayWorld

Winner of the 2012 PEER Award for Best New Play/Adaptation.

The Dickening

Interrelated absurdist vignettes, heavily adapted and compiled from previous one-acts, with additional new interstitial material.

Directed by Ben Ferber, co-written by Ben Ferber and Donald McEwan
Produced by Fop! Productions at the Midtown International Theatre Festival
July 2011

Twyzzlers for Everyone Forever presents: Death Spares Not the Tiger, an epic radio drama

A radio drama about two radio hosts making a radio show and getting into enormously strange hijinks. Presented over 5 seasons in 23 episodes of roughly 30 to 50-minutes.

Co-directed, co-written, co-starring Ben Ferber and Donald McEwan
Aired on WOBC 91.5
January 2009-May 2010

More info here.