full-length directing

The Kid Cult Cosmology (reading)

by Graham Techler

Three middle schoolers see a UFO and start a cult.

Workshop/staged reading at Urban Stages
February 2017

A Reception for Time Travellers

a multi-part immersive piece by Garrett Allen, Ben Ferber, Kate Hopkins, J. Mehr Kaur, Seonjae Kim, Jason McDowell-Green Lily Riopelle; individual pieces directed by Allen, Hopkins, Kaur, Kim, and Riopelle, and a central event and the entire night directed and guided by Ferber and McDowell-Green

A huge immersive theater piece centering on a party being thrown to attract time travellers. The event led audience members through a cabaret party and 5 10-minute romps (in random order), and culminated at a huge rave.

Produced by Williamstown Theatre Festival and presented throughout the campus of Williams College
July 2016

username://Prometheus (reading)

by Julia Doolittle

The administrator of a small hacked indie MMORPG gets a copyright takedown notice from the game's original creators, and tries to save his community, to the detriment of his personal life.

Presented at The People's Improv Theater
May 2016

More info here.

Emily Dickinson: Paranormal Investigator

by Todd Brian Backus

Emily Dickinson and her best friend (and, perhaps, romantic interest?) Helen Hunt Jackson go on an adventure with Edgar Allan Poe to stop an escalating series of spirit possessions; which it turns out are part of a conspiracy by Walt Whitman and the Fox Sisters to raise a vampire. Also Henry David Thoreau is a bro.

Produced by PowerOut in Frigid New York at the Kraine Theater
February 2016

More info here.

EDPI will be returning this summer! It'll play at the Peoples Improv Theater this August through December.

Shown: Heather Harvey, Leigh Poulos, Daniel Morgan Shelley, Briana Sakamoto, Marina Shay
Photos by Todd Brian Backus

“This delightful romp of a piece by Todd Brian Backus and directed by Ben Ferber brings us into a world in which literary talent is a side effect, and one can use one's own poetry as spells. Despite its campy premise and mashup of modern and period speech, this PowerOut production features surprisingly well thought-out and consistent world-building…It is quite impressive what this production manages to accomplish with just five actors, jumping back and forth between ghosts, sword-fighting poets and frat boy Henry David Thoreau…[it] also accomplishes quite a bit without much tech at all.” -Charged.fm

"An exciting combination of camp, suspense, and nerdy literature references, Emily Dickinson is a fun ride for anyone who enjoys genre mashups.” -Sarah Weber, Theatre is Easy

"A speedily paced opening promises a bloody comic-book joyride à la the great imaginative sagas of the Vampire Cowboys." -Jon Sobel, Blogcritics

"This is a new level of geek theater." -Michael Block, Theater In The Now

Corpses (reading)

by Julia Doolittle

A group of high school friends films a zombie movie in a crumbling abandoned mall.

Presented at Williamstown Theatre Festival
August 2015

For the Lulz

by Ben Ferber

A politically-motivated black hat hacker named poof begins attacking social networks. Fay, a stalwart tech journalist, Gale, a professor and embezzler, and MrJ, a patriotic grey hat hacker, decide to take him down for fame, for revenge, and for the lulz.

Produced by Williamstown Theatre Festival in their Directing Studio
August 2015

More info here.

Shown: Madison Fae, Lizzie Fox, Joe Huffman, Chris Stahl
Photos by Paul Fox

Take the Car

by Nora Sørena Casey

A time-bending play in which a Los Angeles family deals with the cyclical nature of addiction and abandonment over two generations.

Produced by Williamstown Theatre Festival in their Directing Studio
July 2015

More info here.

Shown: Lindsay Rico, Amanda Shechtman, Doron JePaul Mitchell
Photos by Paul Fox

Not Afraid

by Nora Sørena Casey

Two best friends might have to part ways when one gets a job out of town—but when the other starts getting death threats on her death metal blog, their lives go on hold.

Produced by PowerOut at Under Saint Marks
October 2014

More info here.

Shown: Taylor Shurte, Anna Van Valin
Photos by Todd Brian Backus, Line Krogh, and Lee Wexler

"The play’s strengths lie in the sharp and often overlapping dialog that caroms between ironic humor and bleakness, painting a picture of a friendship that is tinged with co-dependence. [The play has] solid performances by the cast under Ben Ferber's direction and eye for detail.“ – Howard Miller, TalkinBroadway

“Ms. Shurte’s Bets is the kind of weirdo we want to root for.” -Laura Collins-Hughes, New York Times

"Shurte and Valin do an excellent job embodying their characters and their inherent contradictions. Nora Sørena Casey has written a very intelligent story and the subtext provides plenty of food for thought. She addresses various issues with confidence and intensity. If you are looking for a new and experimental play, Not Afraid fits the bill.” –Sarah Weber, Theatre Is Easy

Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol

by Tom Mula

A one-man retelling of the classic Christmas story from the perspective of the actually-not-quite-as-wicked-as-you-thought Jacob Marley.

Produced by Cape May Stage
December 2013

Shown: Jonathan Brody

“Cape May Stage presents one of the greatest Christmas classics of all time – with a twist!…This enchanting production stars Jonathan Brody, who was seen last summer at Cape May Stage in Time Stands Still.” -Do the Shore

The Eros Trilogy (reading)

by Nicky Silver

Produced by Cape May Stage in their Danger! reading series
November 2013

The Motherfucker with the Hat (reading)

by Stephen Adly Guirgis

Produced by Cape May Stage in their Danger! reading series
November 2013

Almost Love

selected works by John Cariani

Produced by Cape May Stage in their Danger! reading series
July 2013

Letters from Kafka

by Nora Sørena Casey

Adapted from the real text of Kafka’s correspondence. Felice Bauer learns of her lover Franz Kafka’s death and is visited by a haunting apparition of him—and she makes a decision to keep their correspondence private, despite the wishes of the literary world.

Produced by PowerOut at Portland Stage Company’s Studio Theater
April 2012

More info here.

Shown: Cory Dale, Sam Rapaport, Ella Wrenn
Photos by Shannon Stockwell

The Dickening

co-written by Ben Ferber and Donnie McEwan

Interrelated absurdist vignettes, heavily adapted and compiled from previous one-acts, with additional new interstitial material.

Produced by Fop! Productions at the Midtown International Theatre Festival
July 2011

Ramos Sings LaRocco

by Rob LaRocco

A celebration of LaRocco's career, performed by Ruben Ramos.

Cabaret at Don’t Tell Mama
July 2010

Twyzzlers for Everyone Forever presents: Death Spares Not the Tiger, an epic radio drama

by Ben Ferber and Donnie McEwan

A radio drama about two radio hosts making a radio show and getting into enormously strange hijinks. Presented over 5 seasons in 23 episodes of roughly 30 to 50 minutes.

Aired on WOBC 91.5
January 2009-May 2010

More info here.